Late Night Thoughts 

I was stalking some guy on Instagram and somehow ended up on his WordPress.This made me realize a lot of things.

His blog posts were really good. He worded them in such a way anyone would be captivated. You could almost say I fell in love with his word choice. I guess what bothered me was what he blogged about.

He spoke of his unrequited love. Now, I’m not exaggerating when I say this boy is madly in love. He speaks of this girl so fondly but claims she doesn’t know he exists (or maybe isnt aware of his feelings because he also says they’re best friends??) and it just reminded me so much about my own feelings.

The feeling of longing for a love that will never be yours is so familiar to me. It kinda made me sad to read his posts because it almost felt like I was reading my own words. I then realized another thing. I was so sad being madly in love.

At this moment, I’d like to say I don’t like anyone (well, not that way at least) and I am the happiest I’ve ever been. It’s so great not having to wallow in my own sadness and despair at the thought of a love that will be forever unrequited. I’m just happy to be single.

Being single is great. I get to focus on the more important aspects of life. I get to look beyond a boy thats in front of me and look beyond the blindess of love. It feels great.

I guess I just wanted to write this post as soon as possible. Hopefully, someone reads it. 👌


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