Things I Learned from Travelling (As Brief as Possible)

One thing you must know about travelling is how much of a hassle it is. Another thing you must know about travelling is that the hassle is all worth it.

Through my recent travels I realized how much I loved it. I love exposing myself to new cultures as much as I detest packing. If you travel only to stay in the comforts of your hotel then you haven’t really traveled. Travelling entails walking for hours until your feet hurt because you have walked the entire day appreciating the place you have traveled to. It is to try the food and the customs of the people who live there. It means sight-seeing even if there are no sights to see. To travel is to embrace an alien culture as if it were your own.

You haven’t lived if you haven’t reaped the full benefits of travelling. To travel is to use all senses. You always feel different in a new place. It will look different, feel different and even smell different. With an open mind, I’m sure you will find new treasures travelling brings. If you’re lucky you might even make new friends. Travelling is a means to connect people, to help people understand one another. You can’t know a person until you have worn their shoes. Willingly expose yourself.

If you’re privileged enough, travel. That’s my only advice.


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