A Little Bit on Love

I once was a fool. I used to believe that love was the meaning of everything. I used to believe that I needed someone in my life to be happy. How foolish I was. When people talk about love they tend to sugarcoat their words. They talk about love like it’s the only thing any person needs but forget to mention that love has other effects.

Love can be full of hurt, pain, betrayal and other things. If love had bad timing then love cannot simply exist. Love is commitment, responsibility and tolerance. During hardships, you tolerate those you love and you cut off those you are infatuated with. It disappoints me to see people brand infatuation as love when it it clearly is not.

I am not saying that love is a bad thing but you don’t need someone in your life to be happy. Love can come in other forms and those can make you happy as well. There is more pain when you’re “in love” with the wrong person at the wrong time and I guess I did not love anyone else enough to have commitment, responsibility or tolerance.

I was wrong to believe that I needed someone to love me to be happy and I forgot to see all those who already do. I have amazing friends and family and their love is all I need right now. My soul mate can wait another day because right now I am happy where I am. I don’t need love because I already have true love. To all those who have tolerated and loved me, I love you.


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